Año 1996
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Publicacion: Revista Ibérica de Parasitología

vol. 56 n. 4 - 1996



Título Autor Páginas Contenido
Anophelism and epidemiological patterns of malaria in the south-west Indian Ocean archipelagoes Julvez, J. 161-167 application/pdf
Influence of controlled temperature and humidity on survival of first-stage Neostrongylus linearis larvae López Sandez, C. 169-172 application/pdf
A long term study on the prevalence of gastrointestinal, hepatic and pulmonary parasitism in adult sheep from Salamanca province, Western Spain Ramajo Martín, V. 173-177 application/pdf
Parasite community of european eel, Anguilla anguilla (L.), in the river Este, northern Portugal Saraiva, A. 179-183 application/pdf
The trichinellosis risk in Umbria, Italy. A seroepidemiological study in 1000 normal subjects Medori, M. C. 185-189 application/pdf
Influence of concurrent exposure to crude oil and Digenean infection on the survival of the mud snail, Cerithidea cingulata Abdul Salam, J. 191-194 application/pdf
Redescription of the adult stage of Hypoderaeum conoideum (Bloch, 1782) (Trematoda: Echinostomatidae) and new record in Spain Toledo, R. 195-201 application/pdf
Helminthofaunistic analysis of Crocidura russula (Hermann, 1780) (Insectivora: Soricidae) from the Albufera Natural Park (Valencia, Spain) Portoles, E. 203-211 application/pdf
Chaetotaxy of the cercariae of Fasciola hepatica (Trematoda: Fasciolidae) from Lymnaea truncatula snails collected in León, NW Spain Dimitrov, V. 213-216 application/pdf
The intermediate snail host of Fasciola hepatica on the mediterranean island of Corsica Oviedo, J. A. 217-220 application/pdf
First report of two polymorphic species of Ostertagia (Nematoda: Trichostrongyloidea) in Cervus elaphus in Spain: O. Leptospicularis and O. Kolchida Ortiz, J. M. 221-223 application/pdf
Toward a Sol-Gel modified ELISA test Correia Da Costa, J.M. 225-227 application/pdf